Third new ride for Pier

by Nigel Brown Jun 28 2021 5     4,099
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Press Release

Third new anniversary ride on Pier

June 28, 2021


A third new ride is being introduced onto Clacton Pier as part of its 150th birthday celebrations.

The Race-O-Rama will be arriving on the iconic attraction this week and is expected to be available this weekend.

The children’s ride is loosely based on the famous Disney film, Cars and is aimed at a younger audience.

It follows hot on the heels of the Clacton Pier Wheel Experience and the Looping Star Roller Coaster which will be up and running by the end of July.

Director Billy Ball said that the Race-O-Rama has proved popular at other sites across the country and will be a welcome addition.

“Due to Covid restrictions and the uncertainty surrounding staging special events, we decided to celebrate our landmark birthday by concentrating on a number of new attractions which can be enjoyed long term,” he said.

“We also have a very strong line-up of fireworks extravaganzas which can be staged with room to maintain social distancing.

“We have all had to adapt plans this year and we hope our visitors will appreciate the increased offer.”

Mr Ball added that it was recognised that it was necessary to up the offer for younger children and hence the Race-O-Rama is being added to the ride deck.

“It will be sited at the start of the Pier neck, facing the Helter Skelter and close to our sweet and rock shop,” he said.

“It is a further investment as we try to make use of as much of our 6.5acres as possible to attract families to Clacton and the Pier.”

Work is progressing on the Looping Star. The next stages are electrical installation, the train itself, the control system, commissioning, and safety inspection.

The next free fireworks display is on July 24 and there will be one each week of the school summer holidays.


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NIGEL BROWN 3 years ago

Hi Mark, it has gone to make way for the Looping Star Roller Coaster

Mark 3 years ago

Just a quick message regarding the it still on the pier or has it now gone? Many thanks

Mark 3 years ago

Just a quick message regarding the it still on the pier or has it now gone? Many thanks

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