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by Nigel Brown Feb 20 2024 0     1,027
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February 20, 2024


A significant investment is being made to provide the latest in amusement machine equipment at Clacton Pier.

The arcade at the attraction has recently taken delivery of 15 new games, one of which is the first to be installed on a site in the UK.

The money has been spent with various suppliers to ensure customers get the best possible experience.

It has involved removing some of the older machines and rejigging the layout to make the most of the space available.

Alan Walker, head of coin operation services, said that the attraction is continuing its investment in arcade equipment in 2024.

“It is an important part of our business plan for the year and we are being fully supported by our suppliers to bring in the new games which will excite our customers,” he added.

 “We are delighted to be the first UK site to receive delivery of Tornado, an exciting two player ticket redemption game.

 “The early signs are extremely positive in terms of performance and currently the player appeal for Tornado is greater than anything else on the arcade floor.”

 Mr Walker said the pier has a policy of putting quality over quantity in the equipment it introduces.

As well as Tornado, others which have arrived in the past few weeks include Peppa’s World,  Jumping Space Trampoline, Shock Wave, Penalty Shoot-Out, Axe Throwing, and Virtual Bowling.

The pier has more than 350 individual machines in the arcade and the main concourse and they are a key component in the attractions offering and income.

“It is important that we change the games – just as we refresh the rides on the pier – and keep a balance between people’s favourites and what’s new,” said Mr Walker.



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