Inspections underway on Pier high rides

by Nigel Brown Jan 28 2022 2     1,845
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January 28, 2022


A specialist team of contractors have started work on inspecting Clacton Pier’s tallest rides.

The company will be on site for a week giving the Looping Star Roller Coaster and the Log Flume a thorough check over.

The initiative is all part of the seaside attraction’s regular and routine inspections to ensure that the rides meet the very highest possible industry standards.

A two man rope access team will be inspecting all the various components before signing them off.

The Log Flume stands at 15 metres from the ground while the Looping Star is a similar height.

The Big Wheel, which has just returned to site ready for the February half term and is more than 30 metres, would normally undergo the same checks.

However, these have already been carried out for this year before the ride came back from Swansea where it spent most of the winter.

Pier director Billy Ball said it is vital that the inspections are carried out by independent outside contractors.

“This gives us confidence and verifies our own in-house routine inspections, and these guys are the experts and specialists in what they do,” he added.

“Once they have completed the inspections, we can be sure that - along with our regular maintenance - the rides are in top shape.

“This is the first year of inspections by this new team and we want our visitors to have confidence that this work has been undertaken and they can enjoy our attractions safely.”

The pier’s own in-house team will also be getting further training is rope access in time for the start of the main season.

The rides are currently open, weather permitting, at weekends from 12pm to 4pm and during the school holidays.


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