Ride Height Guide

The Health & Safety of our customers is our first priority and we therefore take ride height restrictions and ride checks very seriously on all rides. There are height guide boards located throughout our pier for you to check.

Height Guide

Ride Minimum Accompanied Maximum
Dodgems 0.9m Under 1.2m -
Waltzer 1.0m Under 1.2m -
Twister 1.0m Under 1.2m -
Simulator 1.0m Under 1.2m -
Helter Skelter 0.9m Under 1.2m -
Paratrooper 1.2m N/A -
Stellas Revenge 1.2m N/A -
Techno Jump 1.0m Under 1.4m -
Outrage 1.4m N/A -
Mini Wheel 0.85m - -
Cups & Sauces 0.85m - -
Wild Mouse Coaster 0.9m Under 1.0m -
Jumping Jacks 0.85m - 1.4m
Go Gater 0.9m - 1.4m
Scalextric 0.85m - 1.2m
Petrol Go Karts 1.4m N/A -
Bungee Trampolines 0.85m - 1.6m
Water Walkerz 0.85m - 1.6m